Young Ron Brewer Doesn´t Know His Co-Workers - from iHeart

Young Ron Brewer Doesn't Know His Co-Workers - from iHeart

Hi, I'm Paul Castronovo from the Paul Young ratio. They do a little test here, with my partner young Ron. He's worked 25 years in this building and guess what he doesn't know any of his fellow employees. We're gonna bring a few of them in. Right now, yesterday on the Paul and Young Ron, show we spun the wheel of young Ron.

Alright, where you have to name the salespeople that you've worked with for over a decade number one. This you just springing this on me, right, right. In the NBA and web Neil. Oh, there's Joe and live on it webby is taping this yes who was this go on. I know, him his buddy hey buddy, come on. You don't know his name, you can't guess. I do know his name was, he put me on the spot yeah that's the begin you worked with this guy, for how many years. You been here, you can speak 11 years. Frank good to see you again, pal over one big pussys here. Now, you don't even need the headphones.

Alright, Frank Vincent's here you know, this guy never seen him before in my life. He looks like Wolverine, I want to pull the mic up, how long have you worked here? 15 years, 15 don't you just recently grow a beard or something uh yeah. 

I stopped by a Bass Pro Shop and they're selling this thing. Alright, it's number why what'd you hear that's one recognize the face. How about that okay, that's one all right. Thank you, you know, he is yeah of course. I do what's his name, I you swear to God come on. I know this year's been here 19 years Paul. He's a good good guy, I mean ladies and gentlemen David Wagner Oh works really hard remember David Wagner Dave. Hello, how are you? Do you know, this guy? I'll call him smiley okay, do you know his name. You just don't know what was smiley, he's what you turn him down to for every piece of business. He brings to you that's right um Steve Sloan. Go ahead, get out this guy looks like a Colombian drug deal. He's a partisan, he says I'm not gonna say his last name. Because, we all know it is but we've worked together. You and I how many years ages yeah. 

The microphone you know, his first name is, I mean his last name is surrender yeah yeah. What's his first name? Jesus Christ do not, of course. I've known this guy for age what's his name. It's um swearing your life, you don't know, it's Kevin. Alright, you got here we go, he dates Karen Alonzo no way way really yeah. She's into older guys what's his name salud David. Oh, my god shot CK good to see you, bro unbelievable just beautiful. So, hope nobody here works in payroll. You believe this crap this guy was on the air for 40 years in South Florida, at least as a jock Bruce Lee Michael yo, yes LG segment about how young rod Brewer. Lost his memory, so but we got bigger places to go and smaller fishes to fry.

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