iHeart JHB - Microsoft Activation

Microsoft was out in full force at the iHeart Joburg music festival on a quest to introduce the exciting new Lumia 930 smartphone with its cutting-edge Windows 8 operating system to Janet's Berg's rockers.

I just let you die if he awesome funny offer festival-goers were invited onto the Nokia stand and asked to shoot a six-second video on what they love about Johannesburg, a selection of the best videos were then shown on the big screen inside the stadium.

A popular feature of the Nokia stand was the recharge station where revelers could charge their phones, ready to record more memories from a fantastic day's entertainment, while charging their phones revelers got to interact with Nokia brand ambassadors who showed them all the great features of the Lumia 930 and got their details registered on the giant Lumia 930 on the stand.

Our customers are entering in a competition to win the Xbox one, what are you basically doing is it's our customers come here we capture the details, they choose the islets antibiotic you think that email o their cell phone number. For the next one, the Nokia chill out zone was set up for festival-goers to relax while waiting for their favorite bands to perform.

I'm really people panic at the disco ball, all the way I'm looking for panic what are for you don't even know BRB A TP, TP listen to enough fall out boy CJ the activation was an unqualified success with thousands of festival-goers getting to experience, the Nokia Lumia 930 up close and personal and loving what they saw, we love not to care because it's awesome, and Microsoft is awesome man, my lucky, I call people God be browsing Facebook, I get crazy photos, facebook game, games on Computicket Twitter, whatever.

iHeart Radio Xbox 360 App Walkthrough

iHeart Radio Xbox 360 App Walkthrough

iHeart Com/Activate - You gotta log into your iHeartRadio account but alright now, let´s try searching for an artist that you like artists and songs nations is.