How to Setup Your Music Services to Google Home Devices | iHeart

I'm going to show you how to connect your music services to your Google's home devices, before you start this process, make sure that your Google's home devices are all set up and ready to go, so let me show you how to get your music players connected to your Google's home devices.

The first thing you would do is click on your Google's home application, once the application pulls up, hit the three lines in the corner, and scroll down to where it says more settings, under more settings go down to where it says music, now here's all your options you have for Google's music, and this is where you can add your own music onto Google's application or user paid service, under YouTube's bread is where you can set up for YouTube, and with the red account you can listed any music on YouTube videos and Bill, turn your screen off, you can set up no default, so you have no music player, but below is where we're more interested, and we have a spotify link and also your Pandora, and if you have a subscription to Apple music, you can turn that little switch off and on to get access to your subscriptions, and since I don't have that, let's go and work on Spotify, which I do have click a little link button, and hit link account, next thing you would do is log into your Spotify account, once you link into your Spotify account, go ahead hit OK at the bottom, and once you hit OK, you can see it says unlink right below Spotify, if you have Pandora, you get to a link and log into that as well, just go ahead and put in your Pandora's email address and your password to get started.

Now that we have the Spotify connected, let's go and give it a test, play Bruno Mars 24-karat on Spotify, once is opened up, you can do other commands, like play thunder on Spotify, thunder by imagine dragons, and then you can also skip tracks, next track previous, track some other features, you can do with it, you can choose your artists, you can choose your name, you can also choose modes, like for example, if you want to hear happy music, it'll make its own mix additional to that, you can pause it, you can track forward, track backward, so you have full control of that music app just for your voice.

iHeart JHB - Microsoft Activation

iHeart JHB - Microsoft Activation

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